RESOURCE: Workplace & Community Services

Presented by:
Oregon Humanities
Subject: Cross-Cultural Understanding, Other, Professional Development, Varies Audience: All

In addition to the council’s programs, Oregon Humanities offers other resources and customizable program formats for organizations looking to explore challenging questions and foster connections between people in their organizations or community.

Workplace Programs

Oregon Humanities’ staff leads workplace programs on a fee-for-service basis. Designed for both nonprofit and for-profit environments, these programs often happen during the work day and can involve full organizations or smaller teams. They can be continuing education opportunities or help with team building by sparking new ways of thinking and working together.

Facilitation Trainings

Oregon Humanities’ staff has many years of experience training people to plan, convene, and lead a wide range of public discussion programs, and can help organizations, educational institutions, and communities around the state do the same.

Facilitated Roundtable Discussions

Oregon Humanities’ staff leads roundtable discussions primarily on a fee-for-service basis and on a variety of topics for public audiences or specific groups. The council can also design customized single programs or series based on interests and audience.

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