RESOURCE: The New Orleans Media Series

Presented by:
Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
Subject: Journalism, Varies Audience: All

Over the course of three months beginning in October 2010, the Louisiana Humanities Center hosted “The New Orleans Media Series: Journalism and Democracy in the City and Beyond,” which featured five panel discussions focused on the role of the fourth estate in the city. The events were free and open to the public.

While employing examples from New Orleans’ past and present, the series examined the effects of changing technological and economic models; media response to political and demographic shifts in audience; and the role of corporate and independently owned news outlets in shaping public dialogue and information.

The panel discussions were recorded and archived on the LEH website.

Topics included:

  • Media and Democracy
  • Figaro, French Quarter Courier & The Lens
  • Politics and Polarization in the Press
  • African American Voices in the Media
  • The Economics of Newspapers Today