GRANT: #QR1863

Presented by:
Kansas Humanities Council
Current Initiative: Schwartz Prize Subject: Digital Humanities, History, War/Veterans Audience: All

#QR1863 creatively used social media to engage the public with local history. Supported by a Kansas Humanities Council grant for a project commemorating the 150th anniversary of Quantrill’s raid on Lawrence, Kansas during the Civil War, community volunteers and academic historians helped live-tweet a reenactment of the devastating event throughout the day. The reenactment drew on 51 historical first-person accounts of raiders, survivors, and victims to bring the event to life. The reach and impact of the project stretched far beyond this state’s borders resulting in 1.3 million people reached, 5 million impressions, media coverage in the Washington Post blog, and a twitter feed that trended worldwide on August 21, 2013.

This program won a Schwartz Prize in 2014!
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Schwartz Prize Winner 2014