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Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
National Partner: NEH Local Partner: K-12 Institutions, Libraries, Nonprofits, Other Subject: K-12 Education, Literacy, Professional Development, Varies Audience: Children and Families, Educators, K-12

Created by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities in 1991, PRIME TIME became a distinct corporation and federal tax exempt public charity in 2004. PRIME TIME Inc. offers a set of unique, humanities-focused, and outcomes-based programs designed to engage new and underserved children and families.

The mission of PRIME TIME is to create the precondition for future learning among economically and educationally vulnerable families.

There are several programs that are a part of the PRIME TIME corporation, including:

  • PRIME TIME Head Start
    • This program brings a “relentless focus on positive child and family outcomes to close the achievement gap and build bright futures for the children, families, and communities served by the Head Start program.”
  • PRIME TIME Family Reading Time
    • A storyteller reads beautifully illustrated, award-winning children’s books that consist of culturally diverse stories from around the world spanning fairy tales, folk tales, fables, historical accounts, and other narrations of real-life circumstances that are familiar to adults and children alike. The discussion leader, or scholar, then guides the group in a conversation.
  • PRIME TIME Preschool
    • A trained preschool facilitator reads and explores award-winning children books which include classics and new tales that promote reading readiness. Another facilitators then leads the children and their parents through center-based activities that encourage increased comprehension and critical thinking on the text. The program also encourages at-home reading behaviors and provides strategies to parents and caregivers.
    • The program aims to improve health and education outcomes among participants and consists of humanities-based, early childhood family reading and discussion using high quality children’s literature which incorporates themes based on healthy living.
  • PRIME TIME Home Room
    • A new statewide initiative to deliver professional development for Louisiana’s public school teachers. It includes 50+ hours of intensive training involving all stakeholders in the school: teachers, administrators, support staff, and families and teaches participants how to incorporate literacy instruction across core subjects and throughout the school day using a student-centered approach and learning strategies.
  • PRIME TIME Teacher Institutes for Advanced Study
    • This program introduces teachers to the Socratic Method as a tool for deepening student comprehension of literature and texts. Participating K-8 teachers receive 3 graduate level credits, 45 continuing learning units, and stipends for successfully completing the program.
  • PRIME TIME Full Circle
    • This program combines all PRIME TIME programs to offer school districts and individual schools a tailored and targeted approach to address literacy issues.

PRIME TIME programs have been implemented all throughout Louisiana’s 64 parishes via grants and partnerships managed by PRIME TIME, Inc. staff. The programs have also been implemented in 40 other US states and territories via PRIME TIME Inc’s Affiliate Network. From 1991-2015 PRIME TIME has completed more then 2,000 programs, served more than 83,000 children and parents nationally, and trained nearly 2,000 educators and community-based professionals on program strategies.