PROGRAM: NY Public Scholars

Presented by:
Humanities New York
Subject: African American/Black, Gender, History, Varies, War/Veterans Audience: All

The Public Scholars program provides organizations the opportunity to apply to have scholars engage current and new audiences. Public scholars deliver stand-alone presentations for 90 minutes, with 30 minutes reserved for Q&A sessions. Presentations will often explore topics with historical content and contemporary relevance. Scholars engage audiences beyond the standard lecture model, with talks that encourage curiosity and inspire a collaborative learning environment.

Public Scholars serve a two-year term, and applications are open biyearly.

Available Presentations Include (View Full List Here):

  • American War Writing
  • King Arthur in America
  • The School in Flames: Virginia Woolf on War, Women, and Education
  • Haudenosaunee 101
  • Women Voted in New York – Before Columbus
  • Journey of Hope: The Irish in New York
  • A Mule Named Sal – Exploring the Musical Landscape of The Erie Canal
  • How to Get Away with the Truth: Sojourner Truth, Race, Religion and Gender in 19th Century America