PROGRAM: Literature and Medicine

Presented by:
Mass Humanities
Local Partner: Hospitals, Nonprofits Subject: Literacy, Other Audience: All

“Literature & Medicine: Humanities, Health, & Healthcare” is a multi-session discussion series that explores issues central to caring for people, whether they are well, sick, or dying. These projects use literature, journalism, or other sources of humanities content such as film or theater to stimulate discussions on various health issues, such as advanced and chronic illnesses, mental illness, aging in a youth-obsessed world, issues around death and dying, rights of self-determination, wellness, and other relevant health topics in American society. These open conversations aim to increase empathy, interpersonal and communication skills, cultural awareness, and awareness of health and healthcare care issues in American society.

Literature & Medicine programs take place in a wide spectrum of civic, cultural, and service organizations: community centers, places of worship, faith-based organizations, hospitals, community health centers, libraries, and veterans and military/service organizations. The series brings community residents and humanities scholars together for discussion, learning, and enjoyment.

Nonprofit organizations interested in bringing Literature & Medicine to their community can apply for a Literature & Medicine Grant. Companies and other for-profit organizations can begin a Literature & Medicine program with support from Mass Humanities on a cost-plus basis.