Presented by:
Maine Humanities Council
Subject: Cross-Cultural Understanding, K-12 Education, Other, Professional Development, Varies Audience: Educators, K-12

Lit & Ed is a facilitated reading and discussion group designed for professionals – teachers, educational technicians, administrators, guidance counselors, and other school staff – who work with students within a school setting. The program meets five times during the school year to reflect on educator work through the lens of literature.

This program is based on the success of the council’s Literature & Medicine program, a nationally recognized reading and discussion group for healthcare professionals. Like Literature & Medicine, Lit & Ed seeks to support faculty and staff by providing the opportunity to consider their work through a variety of literature.

Program goals include: improving student experiences in schools by increasing empathy, communication skills, relationships, cultural awareness, and job satisfaction of participating faculty and staff, as well as for participants to gain a stronger sense of connection and community with colleagues thus reducing feelings of isolation, burnout, and other factors that lead to attrition.