PROGRAM: Disaster Prepardness

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Humanities New York
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“Recent experience has shown that cultural institutions are particularly vulnerable during large-scale natural emergencies. Humanities NY has a unique ability to leverage its network of 5,000+ New York State nonprofits and its disaster relief experience provide an immediate and ongoing communication and planning bridge between the cultural stakeholders and traditional disaster relief organizations such as FEMA.” – Humanities NY website

After Hurricane Sandy struck NY and NJ, the council cut its first disaster relief check within 13 days by streamlining processes, making it easier and faster for cultural organizations to focus on rebuilding.

CultureAID (Culture Active in Disasters) was developed in direct response to Hurricane Sandy – which struck New York in October 2012 – and to the increasing threat that severe weather and climate change pose to the region.  This initiative allowed for an enormous amount of information, technical and financial assistance, and other resources to be made available to affected groups and individuals. It was developed to reduce redundant communications and make efficient the use of resources available.

This initiative will also help communities prepare for the next disaster by sharing resources and best practices about emergency prepardness throughout the year.

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