PROGRAM: Denver Veterans Writing Workshop

Presented by:
Colorado Humanities
Local Partner: Other Subject: Cross-Cultural Understanding, Poetry, Varies, War/Veterans Audience: Children and Families, Veterans

The Denver Veterans Writing Workshop (DVWW) was created to help Colorado veterans share their stories of their fellow military personnel, their families, loved ones, and friends. The DVWW is desgined to be a safe space for people to share and workshop prose, poetry, and hybrid texts.

The DVWW also aims to create more writers. Both writers who craft stories and writers who construct a curriculum and instruct, who read in public and work on larger projects. The goal of the DVWW is to help veterans create a skill set that is applicable beyond the classroom. Colorado Humanities will continue to explore new ways to help participants interpret and process themselves and the world through writing, reading, and community.

The first workshop will be held on June 25th in Denver at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop.