GRANT: Partnership for Public Humanities (PPH)

Presented by:
Humanities Tennessee
Local Partner: Nonprofits Subject: Other, Varies Audience: All, Other

The Partnership for Public Humantiies (PPH) program plan allows the members of a nonprofit to focus collectively on a set of program goals and implement events one by one, with access to necessary resources. The issues and concerns addressed by the PPH are determined by the organizations that use it. PPH projects are opportunities to educate, build, and coalesce Tennessee communities around the issues that propel a nonprofit’s mission. Whether  sharing local history, cultivating participation in the arts, conserving a watershed, safeguarding a local neighborhood, or developing the workforce, the humanities can herald creative solutions and community improvement.

Eligible partners are Tennessee non-profits with a committed interest in using public humanities projects to further their missions, and that have an annual budget of $200,000 or less. The PPH has no deadline; requests are considered on a first come, first serve basis, and for up to a maximum of $2,500 each.