PROGRAM: The Way We Worked-Museum on Main Street

Presented by:
Oklahoma Humanities Council
Current Initiative: The Way We Worked National Partner: Smithsonian – Museum on Main Street Local Partner: Museums, Other Subject: History, Other, Professional Development, Varies Audience: All, Rural Communities

The diversity of the American workforce is one of its strengths, providing an opportunity to explore how people of all races and ethnicities identified commonalities and worked to knock down barriers in the professional world. And, finally, the exhibition shows how we identify with work – as individuals and as communities. Whether you live in “Steel Town, USA” or wear a uniform each day, work assigns cultural meanings and puts us and our communities in a larger context.

The Way We Worked, adapted from an original exhibition developed by the National Archives, explores how work became such a central element in American culture by tracing the many changes that affected the workforce and work environments over the past 150 years. The exhibition draws from the Archives’ rich collections to tell this compelling story. For a full list of dates and host sites, click here.