GRANT: Toward a Beautiful Ohio

Presented by:
Ohio Humanities
Subject: Other, Varies Audience: All

A three-year initiative that focuses on the environment, Toward a Beautiful Ohio is Ohio Humanities’ way of seeking to strategically invest in public conversations that address environmental issues from a humanities perspective.

According to the council, the human story in Ohio is inextricably tied to the natural world and the experiences of Ohio’s communities, families, and individuals are grounded in the state’s vibrant landscapes and cities, which are shaped by its natural resources.

Toward a Beautiful Ohio supports humanities projects that explore the interdependence between the people and places of Ohio. The council is seeking to uncover the stories that reveal human interactions with the environment, to better understand the state’s past and present, and image its future.

Grants are available for all Ohio Humanities grant lines, and all guidelines apply. On the application, where relevant, please note how the project fits with the thematic description.