GRANT: SD Major Grants

Presented by:
South Dakota Humanities Council
Local Partner: Nonprofits Subject: Other, Varies Audience: All

South Dakota Humanities Council awards grants to non-profit organizations that promote humanities in South Dakota through our community project grants. Grants fill educational and cultural gaps and support communities’ self-identified needs and programs can fit two categories: discussion (up to $7,000) and research projects (up to $2,500). Deadlines for grants $1,000 and less are on a rolling deadline, as funding allows, and for grants of more than $1,000 to $7,000, deadlines are February 28 and October 15.


A Major Grant can fund public presentations such as conferences, lectures, presentations, festivals, and symposiums which engage the general public and scholar in a discussion of the humanities. The focus of the program should examine the topic from the view and perspective of the humanities.

Discussion programs can also contain a media element, for example potential projects include documentary films, radio and television productions, exhibits, website and social media projects, mobile web applications and humanities-related books or e-books.

These projects would encourage discussion in the humanities and utilize unique forms of media to advance the humanities. If a media program is approved, a contract covering copyright, distribution, credits, and disclaimers signed by the grantee is required. Discussion requests cannot exceed $7,000.


A Major Grant supports work to encourage scholarly research in the humanities, especially topics relevant to South Dakota culture and heritage. Applicants must include a plan for a minimum of three public presentations of the research. Requests cannot exceed $2,500.