GRANT: SC Hometown Humanities Grants

Presented by:
SC Humanities
Local Partner: Libraries, Museums, Nonprofits, Other Subject: Other, Varies Audience: All, Other, Rural Communities

Humanities programs are always most successful when they have the support of a wide variety of organizations and people. Partnership‐building is an important aspect of the Hometown Humanities model, and SC Humanities hopes to stimulate new partnerships or solidify existing partnerships between libraries, museums, historical societies, and educational institutions by supporting Hometown Humanities projects around the state.

Hometown Humanities projects can embody any humanities discipline (history; literature; languages; linguistics; philosophy; ethics; comparative religion; anthropology; historical, critical and theoretical approaches to the arts) and should investigate a topic that is of special interest to or unique to the local community. Through Hometown Humanities grants, SC Humanities hopes to support the particular cultural interests of a South Carolina community, using the capacity of the humanities to enrich lives, foster inquiry, stimulate discussion, and strengthen local cultural infrastructure.

Hometown Humanities applications will be reviewed twice yearly, along with Major Grants, usually in September (deadlines in August) and February (deadlines in January). Awards are in sums between $2,000 and $8,000.