GRANT OPPORTUNITY: Legacy Competitive Grants

Presented by:
Minnesota Humanities Center
Subject: Other, Varies Audience: All

Minnesota Humanities Center, in partnership with the Minnesota State Legacy Amendment Fund funded programming that specifically focused on education or veterans in 2016. Grants that support the Humanities Center’s education work enhance student engagement in education by including the stories and experiences of people and communities that are often left out or marginalized.

2016 Legacy Grant recipients are:

Dakhóta Iápi Okhódakichiye.

The Dakhóta Iápi Okhódakichiye will conduct a series of interviews with first language speakers of the Dakhóta language to understand the systematic absence of Minnesota’s first language through a Dakhóta lens. The project has three objectives: 1) Understand the systematic absence of the Dakhóta language from Minnesota, 2) Understand language loss and revitalization from a Dakhóta perspective, and 3) Create Dakhóta language curriculum and archive (bilingual) from the transcripts.

East Metro Integration District (EMID)

EMID will bring to life absent narratives of Latino, Hmong, Native, Asian, African American, and women of the Civil Rights Era in collaboration with youth, social studies teachers, Full Circle Theater (FCT), and St. Paul Neighborhood Network. The narratives, researched by youth, will be transformed by FCT into a six person play that will be presented, video recorded, and distributed with accompanying curriculum written by social studies teachers for teachers across EMID and the state.

Somali Museum of Minnesota

Minnesota, home to the largest Somali population in the United States, lacks resources for students to access knowledge and representations of Somalia. The Somali Museum of Minnesota will offer students immersive field trips illuminating the history and arts of traditional Somali society by subsidizing admission fees, integrating elders as immersive guides on tours, and developing take-home curriculum materials.


In 2016, VocalEssence WITNESS welcomes artist Melanie DeMore to help explore the Underground Railroad in Minnesota—specifically how our state has been a place of sanctuary for refugees from the time of slavery through today. As part of this project, Melanie will help record absent narratives of those who have found sanctuary in Minnesota. These stories will be shared in video and written form to explore the concept of sanctuary as part of the WITNESS School Program.

The following grant recipients will focus their work on the creation of original educational materials that incorporate Veterans stories, and/or original literary works by Veterans, and support Veterans’ Voices Month.

2016 Legacy Grant recipients are:


Veterans’ Voices: Native Warriors will give Native American students in Minnesota the opportunity to hear memories and stories directly from Native American veterans from within their communities. Funds will also be used to create radio segments featuring the Native American Veterans sharing their personal experiences in their own words. These segments will air statewide and be archived online giving all Minnesotans access now and in the future.

Cottonwood County Historical Society

The 11th grade English and social studies students of Windom Area High School, the Cottonwood County Historical Society, and the American Legion Post #206 developed a project centered on collecting the experiences of living war Veterans by interviewing, writing, publishing in book format, and promoting the stories of Veterans from Cottonwood County who have served in the military.