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North Carolina
Current Initiative: Standing Together National Partner: NEH Subject: Other, Varies Audience: All

The council’s Large Grants connect the public and quality scholarship through programs that respond to community interest, encourage dialogue and stimulate audiences to think critically about a broad range of humanities topics. They engage diverse audiences in the exploration of their personal and collective stories, asking fundamental questions about identity, work and culture. By providing a larger cultural, historical, and analytical framework, these projects foster more informed, understanding, and engaged citizens, thereby transforming their lives and communities. Additionally, these project foster long-term collaborations and partnerships at the local, state and/or national level.

Projects can include: educator workshops, Standing Together: The Humanities and the Experience of War veterans programs, and film/video productions. Proposed projects may include complementary components that deepen an audience’s understanding of a subject. To be competitive for funding, local projects should address topics that are relevant to the community and draw connections to broad themes or historical trends. Partnerships are also encouraged.

Maximum request: $25,000.

Large Grant Deadlines:

Mandatory Draft Proposals: June 30, 2017

Final Proposals: July 28, 2017

Large Grants will be reviewed at the August 24, 2017 Board of Trustees’ meeting. Awards will be announced in September 2017.