GRANT: Community Grants

Presented by:
Northern Marianas Humanities Council
Subject: Other, Varies Audience: All

The Northern Marianas Humanities Council awards competitive matching grants to community organizations and ad hoc groups to support a wide range of humanities projects consistent with the goals and objectives of its 2016-2020 Strategic Master Plan.  The Council offers three grant types:

  1. Planning Grants (up to $1,500) used to plan larger humanities projects
  2. Mini-grants (up to $2,000) to support small to medium sized humanities projects
  3. Regular Grants (above $2,000) to support larger humanities projects

In order to be considered for funding, applications must meet the following general requirements:

  1. They must have a humanities discipline central to the project;
  2. They should involve a humanities scholar in project planning, execution, and evaluation;
  3. Whenever possible, they should be in a format that provides opportunities for active public public participation; and
  4. The applicant must provide at least one half of the total project cost. Detailed application instructions, application forms, and submission deadlines are set  forth in the Community Grants Guidelines and Application Package.

The Council accepts applications four times a year:

31 December

31 March

30 June

30 September

When submission dates fall on weekends, applications must be received by the last working day of that month.  Applications must be certified complete by staff to be considered officially received.  The Council will announce grant decisions within 30-45 days of the grant deadline.  The start of project activities should be planned accordingly.

Grant applications may be mailed to the Council at P.O. Box 506437, Saipan, MP 96050; faxed to (670) 235-4786; emailed, or dropped at the Council office in the Springs Plaza office complex in Gualo Rai, Saipan.

Interested parties are invited to contact Council staff to discuss project concepts.