PROGRAM: The Conversations Project

Presented by:
Humanities Tennessee
Local Partner: K-12 Institutions, Libraries, Nonprofits, Other Subject: Cross-Cultural Understanding, History, K-12 Education, Other, Varies Audience: All, Educators, K-12, Rural Communities

The Conversations Bureau provides a selection of topics available for 90-minute discussions based on a brief text and guided by a scholar/facilitator. Each of the topics encourages participants to reflect on divisive issues—such as race and ethnic relations—within the US over time, and to consider the significance of these issues to our current civic affairs. By engaging Tennesseans in collective reflection and conversation, the Conversation Project results in mutual understanding and respect among Tennesseans across points of division.

Communities and nonprofits utilize these Conversations in many different ways. This article provides a great example of how The Promise Land Community in Charlotte, TN used the Conversation Project to expand on the theme of an exhibit.

Any not-for-profit organization or high school in Tennessee is eligible to host a conversation. Humanities Tennessee covers the cost of the scholar/facilitator’s honorarium and travel expenses. The Conversation Project is designed to serve Tennesseans who are not employed by, or enrolled in, post-secondary educational institutions; eligible conversations must be intended for and advertised to the general public and free of charge.