PROGRAM: Chester Made

Presented by:
Pennsylvania Humanities Council
Local Partner: Other Subject: Art/Photography, Other, Varies Audience: All

Chester Made is a humanities-based initiative to recognize and promote arts and culture in Chester, Pennsylvania, and to harness their power as a force for community revitalization. Arts, history, and culture are deeply valued as part of the fabric of Chester’s daily life – and the city’s future. As part of our cultural asset mapping, we learned that residents value arts, history, and culture for their power to connect the community and to heal distress, as well as their critical role in the development of Chester’s youth. Arts, history, and culture create a sense of belonging and pride within the Chester community –they also create social spaces where people feel part of a community. The Chester Made initiative explores and celebrates that history and creates a space for healing and civic action, all of which matters to the city. Devon Walls, owner of The Artist Warehouse in Chester, said,”I hope this opportunity will allow us to engage the youth and show them the power of working with a diverse team to accomplish goals. It’s exciting that they will be able to use their creative expression to make an impact on their community.”