Bill of Rights_Program

225th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights

Partnership with the National Archives

To commemorate the 225th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights, the state humanities councils partnered with the National Archives resulting in more than 1,300 pop-up exhibits being sent to libraries, museums, and schools across 35 different states. View programs below and use the filter to learn about other public humanities programming.



What Are The Public Humanities?

We’d like to show you!

Below is a searchable database featuring council programs and grant opportunities. If you see a program you like, click on it to learn more. Currently, one third of all our councils’ programs and grant opportunities are finalized and listed; however, stay tuned for the full launch Spring 2017 and check back often: we’ll be adding more programs and grants every day!

Current Initiatives
National Partners
Local Partners

PROGRAM: TILT: An Arts and Humanities Mixer


October 2017 – [Indianapolis, IN] To celebrate National Arts & Humanities Month, the council partnered with the Arts Council of Indianapolis to “reinvent the traditional lecture” and allow audiences to participate in a “quirky” Q&A. (Lecture, Q&A)

GRANT: Hear Nebraska’s “The Good Living Tour”


2016 – [Archived] A statewide concert series that brings a mix of free, original Nebraska bands and DJs to small communities. (Performance)

PROGRAM: Road Scholars

North Carolina

Ongoing – [statewide] More than 70 speakers whose lectures focus on issues of history, literature, philosophy, and more. (Presentations)

GRANT OPPORTUNITY: Arts & Humanities Touring Grants Program


Ongoing – [statewide] Available to Michigan nonprofits looking to hold public arts and culture events. Funding up to $3,000 to cover presenters’/exhibitors’ fees and travel. (Resource)

Art on Tap: Early Wisconsin Brewery Advertising Exhibition and Program


An exhibit on the artistry of brewing history in Wisconsin.

“The Bridge”


An exhibit featuring art from the Middle East.

My War: Wartime Photographs by Vietnam Veterans


An exhibit on personal photos from the Vietnam War.

North Carolina Humanities Council Arts and Humanities Grants 2015-2016

North Carolina

A special grants initiative to support arts and humanities programs.

Utah Arts and Humanities Quick Grants


A special grants initiative to support arts and humanities programs.

JUST Listening


A film project dedicated to telling the story of Ferguson, MO.

Beading Culture: Raised Beadwork and the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin


An exhibition showcasing bead-work from Native American artists.

GRANT: Imayō: Japan’s New Traditionists


2016 – [Archived] An exhibition on historical Japanese artwork. (Exhibit)

PROGRAM: Bocafloja and Mark Gonzales


2016 – [Various Locations, Archived] A series of presentations and workshops with internationally-renowned cultural leaders Bocafloja and Mark Gonzales. (Presentation and Workshop)

Governor’s Award


An award for individuals and organizations who have made contributions to the arts and humanities.