Introducing the 2016-2020 FSHC Board Candidate Slate

September 6, 2016

In August the Federation’s 2016 Nominating Committee sent council directors a message announcing the slate of four candidates for the Federation board to be brought to the membership for a vote at the Annual Business Meeting in November. This year’s candidates were selected by the committee to fill positions that will be left vacant by retiring board members Rick Ardinger (ID), Jarett Fields (WI), Julie Mulvihill (KS), and Willis Whichard (NC). We are deeply indebted to the four departing members, who have made invaluable contributions to the Federation during their years on the board.

Candidates for 2016 include the following:

Steven Seibert, founder of the Seibert Law Firm and former chair of the Florida Humanities Council

Briann Greenfield, executive director of the New Jersey Council for the Humanities

Joan Abrams, nonprofit projects consultant and former chair of the board of the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities

Armand DeKeyser, executive director of the Alabama Humanities Foundation

Federation board members serve a four-year term.