2018 Call for Nominations to Federation Board

March 23, 2018

On behalf of the 2018 Nominating Committee:

The 2018 Nominating Committee seeks assistance at a very critical period for the Federation and the humanities council community as we continue to find ourselves in a time when our communities and nation badly need what the humanities have to offer. This means that the Federation, as your voice in Washington, needs the strongest leadership possible. In addition, the Federation would like to build on its success in forging partnerships with foundations and other national groups on behalf of the councils. The 2018 Nominating Committee invites members to join the committee in identifying individuals with the talents and experience to advance the councils important work in the years ahead.

This year we need to fill three positions on the Federation board. The Nominating Committee has been charged by the board with developing a slate of two executive directors and one public member to present to the membership at the annual business meeting in November. One current public member, Dave Reetz (WY), will complete his term this year, along with two executive directors, Keira Amstutz (IN) and Chris Sommerich (NE).

The “Candidate Criteria” document suggests characteristics the committee has identified as particularly important. The board agrees that diversifying the board remains an urgent goal for the Federation, as both the representative of and model for the member councils. In addition, at a time when the Federation and the councils are intensifying their efforts to diversify their funding, we are seeking individuals with foundation experience or connections to help us expand our relationships with the foundation world. To help expand our ability to increase the visibility and understanding of the work of the Federation and the councils, we seek individuals with expertise or connections to marketing and public relations. In addition, we always need board members who are politically savvy and willing to advocate with energy and enthusiasm on behalf of the NEH and the state humanities councils.

Please note that the committee does not accept formal nominations of executive directors. Rather, all eligible executive directors are considered to be part of the candidate pool, unless they specifically ask not to be included. Every Nominating Committee member has been assigned a list of directors to call as part of the nominating process, and one of the questions they will ask is who among the executive directors would make a strong contribution as a Federation board member and why. Here is a list of the executive directors, including which directors now serve on the board and those who are ineligible because of having a member from their council on the board.

Here, also, are the “Recommendation for Federation Board Member” form and the “Board Member Responsibilities” list.

Nominations must be submitted to the Federation office by May 7, 2018.