2016 Conference Theme

Humanities Partnerships - Meeting Local and Global Challenges


Joint Logo with NHCThe Federation of State Humanities Councils and the National Humanities Alliance are pleased to announce the first in a series of three joint national meetings that will bring the humanities community together as whole to consider how, by leveraging our strengths, we can achieve broader public impact and showcase the fundamental role the humanities play in addressing both local and global challenges.

This conference will encourage the deepening of collaborations among a wide array of institutions engaged in the humanities, including state humanities councils, colleges, universities, museums, libraries, and historical societies, as well as with publicly engaged scholars at all phases in their careers. It will provide a forum for discussing best practices for engaging a broader public in humanities research and programming. It will also foster discussion that will enlighten both public and academic humanities practitioners about their respective concerns, convictions, and challenges, and how to foster collaboration in light of these issues. Finally, it will provide an opportunity to consider the multiple ways we can harness the power of the humanities to address society’s major challenges.

In an era of constrained resources, members of the humanities community—whether scholars, university administrators, grant-makers, or public humanities practitioners—recognize that the case must be made for the critical relevance of the humanities to contemporary society. This is essential not only for the vitality of our institutions, but also for ensuring that the humanities play a key role in shaping how we understand and respond to the major challenges of our time.

A great number of collaborations have already demonstrated how much the humanities have to offer learning communities. Similarly, contemporary scholarship and public programs have addressed local and global challenges—from community divisions to geo-political conflicts—in a variety of ways. You can find examples here. It is time to learn from the wide array of collaborative work and to facilitate new connections and concrete projects nationwide that showcase the value of the humanities.

We look forward to your participation in the 2016 national conference.