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The NHC Daily - 2017

The NHC Daily is a twice-daily conference e-newsletter that comes out during the National Humanities Conference and which is made available to conference attendees and members who were unable to attend the event.

In the mornings, the daily is entitled “NHC Mornings” and features guest posts, highlights upcoming events, and alerts attendees and those interested in following the conference to digital components, including: livestream opportunities, conference app updates. The “Mornings” e-news also details any last-minute program changes or updates that are not reflected in the printed onsite brochure.

In the evenings, the daily is entitled “The NHC Daily” and recaps events from the conference, including lectures and concurrent sessions under “Event Highlights” and “Session Reflections”. Additionally, it includes photos from that day and previews the next day’s events.

The 2017 Newsletters

The NHC Daily: PreConference Edition
Published Nov. 1, 2017

Inside this edition: Learn about the new NHC mobile app, local resources and walk & talk destinations, restaurants, and pre-conference events. Additionally, check out what’s livestreaming during the conference and the registration desk hours.


NHC Mornings: Nov. 2-4

Thursday Morning: Nov. 2

Thursday Morning

Inside this edition: Welcome to the 2017 conference by co-hosts Stephen Kidd, NHA and Esther Mackintosh, FSHC; updates for the day including space available on day tours, and the upcoming opening panel.

Friday Morning: Nov. 3

Friday Morning

Inside this edition: The introduction of “Humanities Morning Cup” with Teresa Mangum of Humanities and the Public Life book series, program updates, and a preview of the 2017 Capps Lecture, including bio and topic.

Saturday Morning: Nov. 4

Saturday Morning

Inside this edition: Humanities Morning Cup – Double Shot with NEH and Mona Frederick, Chair of the 2018 Conference Planning Committee, as well as program updates and a preview of who’s who on the closing panel.

The NHC Daily: Nov. 2-4

Thursday Evening: Nov. 2

NHC Daily Thursday

Inside this edition: Summary and quotes from the opening panel, program officers meeting, session reflections, tour highlights, and upcoming events for Friday, including what’s livestreaming.

Friday Evening: Nov. 3

Inside this edition: Announcement of the 35th annual Schwartz Prize winner, summaries of the Capps Lecture and Regional Conversations events, session reflections, and upcoming events for Saturday.

Saturday Evening: Nov. 4

Inside this edition: Highlights from the Address with NEH Acting Chairman Jon Parrish Peede, the closing panel, session reflections, how to stay connected, Save the Date for New Orleans 2018, and travel tips from Boston.